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This is my entry for the 2023 RPG Maker Christmas Game Jam!

The goal of the game is simple...Create as many toys as you can and get a high score! Use machines, tools, and enhancements to improve your production efficiency! 

You have the  choice of 2 game modes:

Normal - Reach 20K points as fast as you can!

Free Play - Reach the highest score you can!


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ToyMaker.zip 491 MB


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Nicely implemented and interesting concepts. Although this isn't the type of game I would normally enjoy, I did appreciate the idea of getting auto collecting and unlocking new areas. Nicely done.


Cool collecting mechanics. Starts to get a little grindy and repetitive just as you get into new areas. Something to break up the monotony of the game play would be nice but probably wouldn't fit into the time allocated. I like how the collecting can be automated and how the game builds on just a few systems and could easily be scaled up. Very fun and inventive gameplay loop, excellent eventing and presentation and overall solid and well put together game. I could have easily kept playing after the 20min mark but decided to end my playthrough there.

Thank you so much for playing! It's awesome to see others enjoy something I created. I especially loved watching your playthrough as it gave me a good idea of how people are approaching the game. 


This is a very nicely implemented crafting system, and I enjoyed collecting materials and unlocking different places to allow more toy-making. Though, I had same sentiments with windryder, in that I was looking for more Christmas spirit in there, as it is, the atmosphere or "aura" of the game kinda felt too Fantasy-ish RPG with a lil bit of Christmas to me. Overall, this is a fun game for people who enjoys grinding and crafting. Very good job! <3

Thank you, I’m happy you enjoyed it! I’m starting to notice that I didn’t capture the Christmas atmosphere which kind of stinks. I should’ve really put more thought into the theming and implemented some kind of story to tie things together. Especially with playing other entries recently, I’m seeing now where I fell short. Lesson learned on trying harder on the theming!


That's okay, I think you did well with this entry, and the crafting/collecting mechanic was enjoyable for what it was. :) I'm sure you did your best with the theme, and you managed to have Christmas in your game in the end. :D


Not sure how I feel about this game. On one hand I really don't like grinding... but on the other hand it's a bit addictive to try and upgrade everything and get to your goal of pretty much auto-farming the materials and money super quickly.

It doesn't exactly scream Christmas spirit, however, it is a creative take on an RPG Maker game, and it's well-contained in a few maps.

Well done, LunaSpiral!

Thank you for playing! I understand grinding isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad you enjoyed the upgrading aspect regardless! I’m happy to have participated and had a blast working on this project.